This Is Holding Absence - A Playlist

Radiohead - ‘Nude'

Chosen by Lucas Woodland (vocals)

'My favourite thing about this track is that, sonically, it hardly budges an inch. The layers stay the same, the chords hardly change, etc. As a listener it's very much a flat song. Emotionally, however, the song draws you in with each and every word uttered. Definitely a song to scratch beneath the surface of, but what a beauty. I would love to be able to create a song similar to this someday with Holding Absence. I feel like "In Rainbows"-era Radiohead is what Holding Absence might sound like in 13 years time.'

Propagandhi - 'Potemkin City Limits'

Chosen by James Joseph (bass)

'A song I overlooked many times until one day I properly listened to the lyrics, one of the big influences for me going Vegan. Poor Francis the pig.'

The 1975 - 'Heart Out'

Chosen by Feisal El-Khazragi (guitar)

'Again, one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite records of all time. This song feels like a soundtrack to the best 80s film that was never made. The album is packed full of truly relatable lyrics that play out snippets of my life like a film in my head. There's a strange upbeat yet melancholic vibe to much of this album that I'm very drawn to, coupled with a feeling of nostalgia for something that hasn't happened yet.'

Casey - ‘Fade'

Chosen by Ashley Green (drums)

'When I joined this band, I couldn’t shake this song. To this date, it remains one of my all time favourite listens. To now be in the same “scene” and for our music to originate from the same country as Casey fills me with so much pride. These are a talented, inspiring and passionate group of people, who motivate me through all windows of my life.'

The Smiths - 'Asleep'

Chosen by Giorgio Cantarutti (guitar)

'A super minimal and emotionally gripping song that really stood out for me when I first stumbled across The Smiths. It's almost uncomfortable and at the same time peaceful.'

The Jesus Lizard - 'Monkey Trick'

Chosen by Lucas Woodland (vocals)

'I can imagine none of the other lads in the band will appreciate this tune, but it's been a favourite of mine for a very long time now - since my dad showed me it years ago. The best thing about this tune is how naive it was to how inspirational it would someday be - one of the earlier "Post-Hardcore" bands... Between the live shows inspiring Letlive. and the music inspiring bands like Norma Jean and Gallows, I think most modern day Post-Hardcore bands are unaware how grateful they should be of these guys, and bands like Fugazi and Big Black.'

Stick To Your Guns - 'Diamond'

Chosen by James Joseph (bass)

'Stick To Your Guns get bashed a lot for not being a "real hardcore band”, whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. But they played a huge part in being one of the gateway bands for me to get into other hardcore bands, and they first introduced me to hardcore ideals such as Human and Animal rights and The Straight Edge. Without them I would never have discovered bands like Ignite, Propagandhi, Trial or even the likes of Hatebreed, Trapped Under Ice and Bane. Thinking about it, yeah - I owe a lot to Stick To Your Guns. They turned me into a 'hardcore kid' and I'll never be embarrassed to say that.'

My Bloody Valentine - 'To Here Knows When'

Chosen by Feisal El-Khazragi (guitar)

'I remember hearing this song for the first time and being completely puzzled by the guitar tone and what was actually being played. I was obsessed with the mind numbing drones that are a constant feature throughout this record alongside the perfect juxtaposition of the almost lazy, dreamy sounding vocal. 

'To Here Knows When' and the rest of the record had huge impact on my guitar playing as I'm always trying emulate aspects of its sound, especially in live situations.' 

Underoath - 'It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door'

Chosen by Ashley Green (drums)

'Aaron Gillespie is a HUGE inspiration on my playing. It’s only recently that I started listening religiously to this band, and I now completely understand why they’re considered one of the best bands in the world. This song couldn’t better illustrate that.'

Pianos Become The Teeth - 'Say Nothing'

Chosen by Giorgio Cantarutti (guitar)

'Taken from one of my favourite albums 'Keep You' which really helped me through a difficult time of losing my grandparents (thank you). A perfect song to end a flawless album - the ending is truly beautiful and almost therapeutic for me.'

My Chemical Romance - 'I Don't Love You'

Chosen by Lucas Woodland (vocals)

'One of the best songs of the 21st century for me. It is untouchable. From the chords, to the lyrics, this track is just an absolute masterpiece and provides the perfect line between "Emo", Alt-rock and just clever Pop structuring. Without My Chem - myself and Feisal, at the very least, probably wouldn't be making music in bands, so we're super grateful to these guys... I hope one day I can write a song this good.'

Millencollin - 'No Cigar'

Chosen by James Joseph (bass)

'I struggle to pick one song, but the 'Tony Hawks' Pro Skater' soundtrack definitely had a huge impact on my musical life, introducing me to hardcore punk and hip-hop before I even knew what either genre was. Flash forward a few years later and I still play the 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater' soundtracks on the weekly in my office.'

Sylosis - ‘Procession'

Chosen by Feisal El-Khazragi (guitar)

'This song and album were the reason I ended getting into metal in the way I did. I was in year 11 and had just discovered their debut album 'Conclusion Of An Age’, which had me hooked. Soon after, they released 'Edge Of The Earth' and it changed my life in a big way straight from the first listen. 

‘Procession' is one of the best openers to a record I've ever heard.

The impact it has on me hasn't waned as the years have gone by, and I'm still as blown away as ever whenever I hear it. 

All in all, the density of this record is what has me madly in love with it. I still hear little nuances and embellishments that I hadn't noticed before throughout this album, even now.'

Regina Spektor - 'Samson'

Chosen by Ashley Green (drums)

'If lyrics painted a picture, this song is a museum in New York, filled with the earliest Russian masterpieces. Lyrics such as “Cut his hair myself one night. A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light”, couldn’t better illustrate how gorgeously poetic she is.

I absolutely love Regina Spector; the way she composes her music, isn’t afraid to write the pop-iest hit songs, as well as some music I consider punk-esque. It’s her “I write music that I would listen to, and love” that really makes her a favourite of mine.'

Goodtime Boys - 'Moral Decay'

Chosen by Giorgio Cantarutti (guitar)

'My first experience of this band was when I went to a show in Bristol in 2014, completely oblivious of the bands on the bill - little to my knowledge, I was about to be blown away. From the first guitar chord I was captivated. Sure, I've listened to plenty of bands within this genre but there was something different with this band. 'Moral Decay', personally for me really hits the mark. My hairs still stand on edge every time I hear that section starting at 1:49.'

Echo & The Bunnymen - 'The Killing Moon'

Chosen by Lucas Woodland (vocals)

'This song is a pop masterpiece. Sadly, I really struggle with most other Echo & The Bunnymen songs, but this track is so compelling and catchy - the vocals are soft like velvet and the guitars sound like shooting stars. I really believe this is one of the best tunes of all time. Bands like these guys, The Cure, & The Smiths are a real inspiration to me because they prove that you can sing beautiful about the not-so-beautiful. Melancholia is a definite element to our vibe as a band, even if we sound nothing like those aforementioned.'

Lower Than Atlantis - ‘B.O.R.E.D'

Chosen by James Joseph (bass)

'Back when Lower Than Atlantis were the ultimate relatable teen angst punky alt-rock band. I will always be fond of Mike Duce's simple but witty lyrics.'

Devin Townsend - ‘Feather'

Chosen by Feisal El-Khazragi (guitar)

'One of my favourite songs, from one of my favourite albums of all time, 'Ghost'. Listening through this entire record is somewhat of a meditative experience for me. ‘Ghost’ helped me through a pretty rough patch mentally during college, and during that time I completely fell in love with it's endless soundscapes and it's ability to totally remove you from reality and send you to a place of pure tranquility.'

Charlie Daniels - 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia'

Chosen by Ashley Green (drums)

'I know I’m going to get some initial stick for this, however, do bare with me; as I listen to this song in the early hours of a Saturday AM, I get thrown right back to my early teenage years. Whilst I was struggling at school and home, I remember taking afternoon trips to the dentist with my grandfather. A loving man. A family man. A proud grandfather who’s grandson had eyes set for a musical life. I remember sitting in his car, worried, scared and quiet, whilst we would drive to my afternoon orthodontist appointments, and his best efforts at conversation were met with silence. He would then put an old cassette through his cars speakers and this song would always be the first. There wasn’t a car journey we took in which we wouldn’t recite this song word-for-word. It’s because of this man, I’m able to write about things like this, that will always have a lasting effect on my music. It’s because of his love I am the man I am today.

Caspian - ‘Sycamore'

Chosen by Giorgio Cantarutti (guitar)

'Possibly one of the most compelling pieces i've listened to in some time (if you haven't already watched the Audiotree live session - I'd fully recommend). A masterpiece that I find myself constantly falling in love with time and time again.'

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